Press Release: Aptos Village Takes Shape

19 Feb Press Release: Aptos Village Takes Shape

SANTA CRUZ, CA, FEBRUARY 19, 2015​– Barry Swenson Builder announced today its gratitude to the greater Santa Cruz community for continued support of the efforts in Aptos. For years, local residents and business leaders have invested time, energy, and ideas toward a future vision for the area. Their support and valuable contribution along with collaboration with the County of Santa Cruz is appreciated especially now, during the transition from the temporary bicycle park facilities to the Aptos Village project.

BSB and the Parks Department of Santa Cruz County set up these parks on a temporary basis knowing that it was the future home of downtown Aptos. “We wanted to show there was a social need for a place where expert and pro riders could work on their freestyle dirt jumping and also a pump track for everyone of all ages and riding capabilities to work on their riding techniques,” says BSB senior vice president Jesse Nickell III. “Many good things have come out of these temporary parks and we now are seeing bicycle pump track parks being built throughout Santa Cruz County.” This method of developing public parks from private land and community stewardship has become a role model nationwide and many grassroots bicycle parks have been built.

“While it is sad to see these parks close, it is exciting to see what changes the future holds for Aptos. I get emotional myself because of my own family’s love of the park, but I also know this is a huge opportunity for our community,” says Mr. Nickell III. “It’s really going to be a beautiful addition to the region, and we are thrilled that the project will nurture active and healthy lifestyles.” With proposed features such as the new county park, central village green, bike racks, tree­lined streets and an improved entry for Nisene Marks State Park, the site will continue to be a location for families and children to gather, play and recreate.

Unanimously approved in 2012, the Aptos Village project is not a typical development, but rather a mixed­use center intentionally designed to offer walkable access to essential services and an outdoor­oriented lifestyle that is attractive to all ages. Planning of the proposed architecture, improved streets, reuse of the historic Hihn Apple Barn, and rail crossings have taken many years to complete. Replacing old water fixtures to compensate for future water use throughout the water district has also taken a number of years. The effort will be worth it however, in the ability to offer a unique new setting centered around old ideas of community engagement as well as future homes for the next generation of those to call Aptos their home.

BSB is thankful to Santa Cruz County and all those who have participated to help bring the vision to life. “A​ptos Village was the heart and soul of Aptos for over a century and we are confident that the updated village plan will help restore its lost vitality,” says Aptos Chamber of Commerce executive director. “A mix of stores, services and residences are called for in the plan, much like what is currently in the village. The plan respects the historical structures and will provide an intimate experience that will re­establish the village as the heart of our community.”

About Barry Swenson Builder: For over thirty­five years, Barry Swenson Builder has been a dynamic partner in building the Bay Area. Four generations of expertise, along with a proven Design­Develop­Build platform, deliver an unparalleled level of creative design, quality developments and efficient construction practices. Throughout Northern California, BSB’s wide range of construction and development services is backed by decades of resources, referrals and sound business practices that have made BSB a respected leader in the community.

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